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* Now offering CIDESCO certification!

Would you like to earn an internationally recognized diploma? CIDESCO accredited graduates are the most desired estheticians and beauty therapist around the world. You do not have to be a state licensed esthetician to qualify.
Please see our CIDESCO Certification page for details. Very exciting!!

* Also offering CIDESCO post-graduate curriculum:

We also offer the 150, 260 or 400 hour CIDESCO “Recognized Prior Learning” (post-graduate) classwork. Please see our CIDESCO RPL page for details.

* Medical Esthetician Courses:

Build the confidence and skills to work as a team with medical professionals as well as in Medi-Spa’s or Skin Clinics. See the complete details about our Advanced Post-Graduate Courses for Licensed Estheticians.

* We still offer our products, one-on-one training, and business consulting services.

New products coming soon!

From the desk of Elisabeth Kiss:


In order to focus on individual training, our advanced classes are now limited to 2 people per class!

Get the kind of individualized attention that will really help your career. Your education is not done when you finish your classes. We are here to mentor you for rest of your career.

Please do not hesitate to call if you would like more detailed information!

Sincerely, Elisabeth Kiss