CIDESCO Certification

Diploma qualification which is recognized worldwide.

Our CIDESCO Certification program leads to the most desirable certification around the world, and is recognized in many states in the United States. You do not need to be licensed in the state of California to participate.

CIDESCO Post-Graduate Curriculum

We also offer the prestigious 100 and 120 hour CIDESCO post-graduate courses for experienced estheticians. Please see our CIDESCO Post-Graduate page for details.

Advanced Continuing Education

With a maximum class size of 4, you can be guaranteed lots of personal, hands-on instruction. Our Advanced Post Graduate Courses for licensed estheticians offers advanced classes, available on your scheduled, on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the month, by appointment. See more details here.


Which Program is Right for Me?

To see the differences between the two CIDESCO and Continuing Education programs, take a look here.

Products Courses

See our Products page for full details

This will entail both products-neutral and Elisabeth Kiss Skin Care Products-specific training.

Elisabeth will also arrange one-on-one training

Contact her directly for more info.