Refresher Courses

Refresher Classes for Bay Area Estheticians

Our refresher courses will bring you back up to speed on a wide range of basic topics. You can elect to sign up for these classes individually, or at a discount as a series of 5 classes. The choice is yours.

Individual Classes

For estheticians who would like to refresh their knowledge a specific subject in the aesthetic field

Courses include:

  • Basic European massage techniques I
  • Skin analysis & product ingredients by skin types/ethnicity
  • 100% organic masks (from fruits, vegetables, etc.)
  • Electro-cosmetic class I
  • Eye and brow tint
  • The variety of masks
  • Acne
  • Product customization

Five Class Packages

A series of 5 accelerated refresher courses, offered over 5 days

You may make your own plan for any five classes, or follow Ms. Kiss’ recommendations. Here is a representative offering:

  • Day 1: Skin analysis by ethnicity and product ingredients
  • Day 2: European massage techniques
  • Day 3: Waxing
  • Day 4: Eyelash and brow tint
  • Day 5: How to treat acne (extraction)

At the conclusion of all classes, we provide certificates and notes

Ask us about our early bird, group, & student discounts.