Bay Area Medi-Esti Courses

Medi-Esti Courses

These classes focus on estheticians who would like to work on the medical side of the aesthetic field. We provide medical professional guest speakers such as plastic surgeons, RN’s,
nutritionist and much more. We offer the following classes:

  • Fillers What do we need to know about Fillers?
  • Muscle relaxers What we need to know about muscle relaxers, such as Botox.
  • All about lasers Photo laser, laser resurfacing/tightening/firming, micro-Laser peel
  • Face lift
  • Liposuction

Upcoming Medical Esthetician Classes

Choose one specific — or the complete intensive series of — Medical Esthetician Courses and receive the knowledge you need. Some examples:

– Learn everything you need to know about different type of lasers & post-laser treatments
– Injectables – Botox & fillers
– Plastic Surgery – face lift, neck lift or individual eye, face and neck lifts

At the conclusion of all classes, we provide certificates and notes

Ask us about our early bird, group, & student discounts.