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Consulting (with Individuals or Businesses)

Maximizing the “How’s”

We feature:

  • Individualized instruction based on specific business needs
  • One-on-one & group coaching at your Medi-Spa, Day Spa, or Skin Clinic
  • Product training with your products
  • Recommendations for existings clinics or professionals considering starting a clinic

To whom are we offering this service?

Specialized training for Medi-Spa, Day Spa, Skin Clinics, and Individuals considering a business. Among our business-focused services are:

  • Customized consultation
  • Assessment of your establishment
  • Product training with your products
  • Group or one-on-one skin coaching
  • A customized skin care system based on individual DNA!


In addition to advising you on your business operations, installed equipment, stocked products, and new technologies, we can provide specialized training to you and/or your staff. Courses can be customized to suit the needs of you, your staff, or your clinic. In addition to any specific skills you know you need to acquire, Elisabeth can also offer any of the training offered to individual estheticians. At the conclusion of any instructional offering, we’ll provide certificates and notes.

What are our principles?

The courses include theory, European techniques, hands-on experience, and the use of practical ideas
in the workplace, in order to achieve the best results with our latest knowledge.
The Classes are focused on the individual and their educational needs.