Advanced Continuing Education

Elisabeth Kiss Post-graduate Programs

These are the same courses Elisabeth has been offering for years.

Due to the new CIDESCO curriculum, these classes will only be offered 3 days per week: Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. However, the format will change from a fixed class schedule to classes of your choosing that you can arrange with Elisabeth on your mutual schedules. To see what’s on offer, simply review the list of the available classes.

If you’re unsure if you should be taking the CIDESCO courses instead, please take a look at “Which Program Is for Me?”

What you Get

Learning the “Why’s”

Elisabeth deeply believes every esthetician should have their own “why’s”: the reasons for becoming an esthetician vary as widely as the situations in which a treatment might be applicable.

She loves teaching the why’s and the how’s, understanding the science behind the products and how it’s possible to deliver them and make them work.
Her focus is to teach every each of you to have the newest, latest European techniques, and to teach you to be unique.
Her goal to focus on YOU … so you will be able to get the best, deepest education possible.

About the Classes

With a maximum class size of 4, you can be guaranteed lots of personal, hands-on instruction. What you can’t be guaranteed is a space in such a small class! Don’t delay … to sign up for a class, Contact Us.

What do you get? Certificates and notes.

What do you need? Just show up with your pencils : )

What do we learn? Here are some real-life examples from Elisabeth’s practice.

Elisabeth can’t wait to see you in class! To book a class, please contact us.

Refresher Courses

For estheticians who wish to refresh their knowledge of a specific esthetic field.

Our Refresher Courses are ideal to:

  • Learn how should you costumize products for your clients
  • Make sure YOU know how can you analyze skin with products ingredients
  • Learn skin analysis and proper product ingredients by skin types/ethnicity
  • … and more

Machine Training

In our Machine Training we are :

  • Providing individual classes, or a discounted series of five classes
  • Training you in the use of your own machines
  • Teaching you to use new, specialized equipment, which we supply
  • … and more

Combination Courses

All Combo classes teach the next level after the basic classes.

Learn how can you combine basic knowledge with cutting-edge esthetic equipment.

Advanced Courses

We offer three types of Advanced Courses:

Products Courses

See our Products page for full details

This will entail both products-neutral and Elisabeth Kiss Skin Care Products-specific training.

Class Offerings